MalvenWorks Partners

FENICO PRECISION CASTING– THE BEST OF THE BEST.  “Don’t mess with a good thing!” How often have you heard that motto? That advice has certainly served us very well.  Some tool producers are always jockeying back-and-forth between suppliers like a late commuter on a stalled freeway. We’ve stayed put. Investment casting is widely considered to be the most precise, meticulous tool manufacturing processes available.  And, since our very beginnings, MalvenWorks has relied on Fenico Precision Casting, for its investment casting expertise and abilities.  Over the years, they’ve rewarded us with detailed technical assistance and production quality that couldn’t be better. With the combination of investment casting and Fenico’s years of experience with this process in Southern California’s demanding aerospace and technology epi-center, we feel we’re getting unparalleled quality– the best of the best.

Apparently, we’re not alone in that belief. This year, at its 65th Annual Technical Conference & Expo in Kansas City, the Investment Casting Insititute recognized Fenico with its 2018 Casting Contest Award in the Industrial Hardware category.  Praise from the leaders of your own community, is very high praise, indeed.  We want to add our congratulations to Fenico and all its employees for this distinction, which it so richly deserves.

So, thanks, to Fenico for helping ensure that our tools (and, by extension, the people who use them) are ready for anything.