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TEAMWORK. MalvenWorks is a small-volume specialty fire tool manufacturer. Our emphasis is on unique, high-quality tools for a select subset of fire departments and firefighters. Joe Falsetti, an early mentor, once noted that the high quality is a result of three attributes:

  • FIT– When comparing similar things, “fit” is that quality or set of qualities that lead you to immediately recognize the suitability of one object for the intended function,…and sets it well apart from the rest.
  • FLEXIBILITY– “Flexibility” (adaptability) shows up later, as a set of unexpected, but valuable and welcome details that keep showing up when needed– going well beyond what is normally encountered or expected.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE– But, while fit and flexibility may attract you to a product and show promise of quality, things only achieve this distinction if they perform well. And, it only achieves high quality if it performs well beyond expectations.

So these are our goals– tools that are exceptionally fit to their intended function, flexible in addressing new, unexpected needs, while always functioning at exceptionally high levels. But, we’re not trying to achieve these goals on our own. Behind our narrow range of well-refined tools is an informal team of partners, people whose individual contributions amplify the performance of the others and the end-product.

FENICO PRECISION CASTING– THE BEST OF THE BEST.  “Don’t mess with a good thing!” How often have you heard that motto? That advice has certainly served us very well.  Some tool producers are always jockeying back-and-forth between suppliers like a late commuter on a stalled freeway. We’ve stayed put. Investment casting is widely considered to be the most precise, meticulous tool manufacturing processes available.  And, since our very beginnings, MalvenWorks has relied on Fenico Precision Casting, which we consider to be the best investment casting foundry available.  Over the years, they’ve rewarded us with detailed technical assistance and production quality that couldn’t be better. With the combination of investment casting and Fenico’s years of experience with this process in Southern California’s demanding aerospace and technology epi-center, we feel we’re getting unparalleled quality– the best of the best.

Apparently, we’re not alone in that belief. This year, at its 65th Annual Technical Conference & Expo in Kansas City, the Investment Casting Insititute recognized Fenico with its 2018 Casting Contest Award in the Industrial Hardware category.  Praise from the leaders of your own community, is very high praise, indeed.  We want to add our congratulations to Fenico and all its employees for this distinction, which it so richly deserves.

Fenico’s exceptional quality is an important key to favorable first and lasting impressions (impact– FIT) of our products.  Virtually every tool we sell is, in part, a product of Fenico’s casting expertise. So, thanks, too, to Fenico for helping ensure that our tools (and, by extension, the people who use them) are ready for anything.

P&D WELDING SOLUTIONS. With the Hawk Tool in hand, one of the next things you notice is its simple craft refinement– part of the tool’s detail richness (FLEXIBILITY).  Here, we owe a vote of thanks to Dustin Roosa and Paul Nagel of P&D Welding Solutions. They helped us evaluate the strength and durability of a variety of assembly options for various tools and have done virtually all of the Hawk Tool assembly since the very beginning.

Actually, our stuff is microscopic in scale compared to most of their work. They have compiled a broad spectrum of certifications and experience. Their small company has a big reputation in structural steel fabrication for the building industry. Nevertheless, in your hands, you’ll see and feel the same solid attention to detail in our tools as is demanded in their structures.

HOWE’S WELDING AND METAL FABRICATION. Jim Howe, the owner of Howe’s Welding and Metal Fabrication, is a retired Navy Master Chief with well over 20 years of problem-solving, welding and fabrication experience. Jim has provided technical advice to MalvenWorks for a variety of projects, most recently during the development of the Hallux component; his shop produced over a dozen T1 steel prototype pieces for field testing.

Jim’s a techno-ninja who spends virtually every minute in his shop. However, for well over 20 years, he has taken time off to ride in Iowa’s week-long, RAGBRAI cross-Iowa bike ride. In addition to riding the event himself, Jim provides transport, “sag-wagon,” and repair support for a large team of riders.

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TEAM WORK. This is a team that will bring you fit, flexibility, and exceptional performance for years to come.