FENICO PRECISION CASTING– THE BEST OF THE BEST.  “Don’t mess with a good thing!” How often have you heard that motto? That advice has certainly served us very well.  Some tool producers are always jockeying back-and-forth between suppliers like a late commuter on a stalled freeway. We’ve stayed put. Investment casting is widely considered to be the most precise, meticulous tool manufacturing processes available.  And, since our very beginnings, MalvenWorks has relied on Fenico Precision Casting, which we consider to be the best investment casting foundry available.  Over the years, they’ve rewarded us with detailed technical assistance and production quality that couldn’t be better. With the combination of investment casting and Fenico’s years of experience with this process in Southern California’s demanding aerospace and technology epi-center, we feel we’re getting unparalleled quality– the best of the best.

Apparently, we’re not alone in that belief. This year, at its 65th Annual Technical Conference & Expo in Kansas City, the Investment Casting Insititute recognized Fenico with its 2018 Casting Contest Award in the Industrial Hardware category.  Praise from the leaders of your own community, is very high praise, indeed.  We want to add our congratulations to Fenico and all its employees for this distinction, which it so richly deserves.

Virtually every tool presented below on this page was a product of Fenico’s casting expertise. So, thanks, too, to Fenico for helping ensure that our tools (and, by extension, the people who use them) are ready for anything.

MALVEN FIRE TOOL WORKS. And who are we? Malven Fire Tool Works– “MalvenWorks”– is a firefighter owned and operated designer/producer of fire department hand tools.  Of course, the American fire service already has dozens of field-proven hand tools.  Some are so entrenched and well suited to local operations that they have become instantly recognized symbols of a particular city or region’s fire service.  Familiar examples include:

  • LAFD’s “rubbish hooks”
  • Boston’s “rakes”
  • FDNY’s “New York” pike poles and Halligan hook-based “Roofman’s Hook”

These, and many, many other tools, are affordable, durable classics; tools for the masses, found on fire units everywhere; tools able to handle 90% of the firefighter’s most basic, day-to-day needs.

Our goal is to produce a few carefully refined and innovative tools that are ready to optimize completion of basic “bread and butter” tasks (ventilation, roof work, entry, search, overhaul, etc.).  But, beyond that, we are determined to offer tools that are also ready to complement the seasoned firefighter’s insight and ingenuity when dealing with unpredictable, once-in-a-career situations– situations they don’t commonly encounter or expect– the other 90% of the tasks they are expected to handle.

Our approach is simple: 1) study the job, in depth, 2) give careful, far-sighted design attention to functional details, 3) perform extensive and on-going field testing, 4) pay attention to feedback offered by users and follow-up with appropriate refinements, 5) invest in high performance materials and fabrication methods, 6) never stand still. The results are simple, straight-forward designs that mesh perfectly with the user’s experience and creativity. We offer you unique tools, with no useless gimmicks, evolved from years of experience with numerous consecutive prototypes and field testing at some of the busiest fire stations in the U.S., by some of America’s most active firefighters and fire instructors.  Continuing the fire service “Tradition of Innovation.”

At this time, our principal products are the Malven Hawk Tool family of fire hooks and a trio of entry bars.

MALVEN HAWK TOOL.  The Hawk Tool is a multi-functional overhaul, ventilation and entry tool comprised of any two of three stainless steel components– the Hawk end, Raptor end, and Hallux end–  joined by a tubular steel handle. They can be combined in three different configurations– the “Raptor Versa-Tool,” “Hawk Roofman,” or “Raptor Roofman” (see photos, below).

They are available for immediate shipment in standard lengths of 36″, 42″, 48″, 60″ and 72″, or custom lengths of up to 8′-0″.

MALVEN ENTRY BARS.  Of course, a forcible entry tool is a logical complement to virtually any other tool a firefighter might choose to carry.  So, the most recent additions to the MalvenWorks line are three different entry bars cast of our specially processed stainless steel. Order now; first deliveries will be available in January 2019.

All three of the bars build on refinement of their ancestors. One, the “Classic” Halligan, is developed around the straight adze concept, pioneered in FDNY Chief Hugh Halligan’s original Halligan bars, translated into one-piece stainless by MalvenWorks predecessor Aazel Corporation. A second, the “Monster” Halligan, incorporates the wide symmetrical adze that Aazel pioneered in support of the popular “lever” method– with valuable input from FDNY’s Kevin Legacy of Squad 61, and Andrew Brassard of the Milton [Ontario, Canada] Fire Department. The last of the three, is the Hayward “Claw” Tool, one of the tools that inspired Chief Hugh Halligan’s design. Our claw is the ultimate refinement of the Hayward, embodying a tight, narrow, but stout claw and fully integrated “Cully lugs” (named for LAFD Assistant Chief Doug Cully who, with his aide, Dave Ford, originated the idea of the lugs). The claws were introduced into production by MalvenWorks forerunner Iowa American Fire Equipment. And, all three of the bars inherit the perfect fork geometry of Iowa American’s entry bars.

BE READY FOR ANYTHING– TAKE A HAWK AND A BAR. At this point, that’s our line.  We don’t produce or sell any of the other popular staples of fire service hand tools, such as the NY Roofman’s Hook, the NY Pike, the Boston Rake, the LA Rubbish Hook, etc.  These are good, economical tools– tools for the masses– with good people producing them.  If that’s what you are looking for, we would be happy to help steer you to some outstanding sources for these tools elsewhere in the marketplace.  Our tools are intended for a smaller subset of the fire service– serious individuals and agencies, dedicated to meeting their responsibilities in detail, and looking for exactly the right tools to maximize their efficiency.  They aren’t going to be for everyone.  But, for those hard-core firefighters who are determined to step off the rig ready for anything, we feel we have something to offer.