Purchasing Malven Fire Tools

PURCHASING THE MALVEN HAWK TOOL.  The Malven Hawk Tool system is comprised of three different tool ends (shown at left, in the photo below): the ”Hawk” head, the “Raptor” end and the “Hallux” end, now cast in Malven’s stainless tool alloy.  Tools can be configured with a single end and butt-cap, or any combination of two ends.  Tools are ordinarily assembled on raw, 1” diameter chromium molybdenum (chrome moly) steel handles.  However, beginning mid-summer, 2018, solid 1” diameter fiberglass handles will be added as an extra cost option.

Hawk Tool Options

MALVEN HAWK TOOL PRICING. We keep a good supply of the popular Hawk “Versa-Tool” combination in stock, for rapid shipment, in overall lengths of 36″, 42″, 48″, 60″ and 72″.  For any given length, all of the three current configurations are comparably priced.  We keep a good supply of the popular Hawk “Versa-Tool” combination by overall length, as follows: 36” $252.28; 42” $259.44; 48” $266.59; 60” $280.90; 72” $295.21.  Custom overall lengths up to 8’ are also available for a $15. upcharge. They are priced at $252.28 plus $1.25 per inch over 36″.  Expect custom orders to take up to 2 weeks additional delivery time.

Hawk Tool Weights2

PURCHASING MALVEN ENTRY TOOLS.  Right from the beginning, the Malven Hawk Tool was designed to be the natural companion of modern Halligan bars.  For many years Hawks and Halligans– especially various configurations produced by the Aazel Corporation– were nearly inseparable.  Look for special offers celebrating MalvenWorks’ reunion of these classics in late August 2018.

SOURCES– THE R.A.G.E. COMPANY.  Tim Brozoskie, owner of The Rescue & Action Gear & Equipment Company (R.A.G.E) is the longest-standing distributor of the Malven Hawk Tool.  He is a day-to-day user of the tool and has been valued consultant to MalvenWorks from the very beginning,


If you’re looking for field-tested fire and rescue gear, RAGE is always a good place to start.  Tim is, himself, a career Firefighter/Emergency Vehicle Driver with Baltimore City Fire Department’s very busy Rescue 1, and a volunteer Captain with the Mt. Carmel Area Rescue Squad, Mt. Carmel, PA.  His store specializes in tools and equipment designed and manufactured by firefighters and made in the United States– tools he’s used, himself.