Philadelphia (PA)– Cast Lands at Squad 72

THREE MORE LAND IN PHILLY.  For reasons that we have not yet sorted out, a group of hawks is referred to as a “cast.” Generally, individual Malven Hawk Tools arrive solo.  However, for our first installment of Bird Watching, we just got word from Philadelphia Firefighter Tim Anderson, Squad 72, that a cast of three Hawks recently arrived at their quarters.  It was comprised of two 72-inchers and a compact 30-incher.  As shown in the first photo, all of them were the versa-tool Hawk/Raptor configuration and they’re already decked out in Squad 72’s red white and blue regalia.  Those three are in addition to Tim’s original 42-incher.  He’s had that at work for about a year.  As can be seen from busy Philly photographer Aaron Mott’s shot of Squad 72 workin’, they’re pretty well decked out, ready to get it, whatever it is.

Squad 72s New Hawks
Recent additions to Squaddie Tim Anderson’s cast of Malven Hawk Tools, at Squad 72’s quarters.  Tim advised that one of them quickly flew the coop to Rescue 1.

Tim said one of the 6 footers is going to Rescue 1– may already be there.  These are busy units.  The Hawks will be keeping some pretty rough company.  It will be interesting to see how they fare.

A NOTE FOR “DANGLERS.” Philadelphia is also habitat for some other wild stuff.  If you’re into RIT and/or ropes and rigging, look up ARS– Anderson Rescue Solutions, LLC.  Tim is the owner and designer of several innovative, but highly practical, technical rescue products, including his unique Multi-Loop Rescue Strap, MLRS Rapid Deployment Bag, Rope Bags, and Static Ropes.  Very tricky.  See pix: @andersonrescuesolutions.

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