Baltimore (MD)– Rescue 1 Works A 14 Box

IRREGULARS.  The Hawk Tools in the photos below are oddities.  Tim Brozoskie (at the right in the top photo– at the far left, in the middle shot) may use this rare Hawk/Halligan-forks combination fairly frequently, but this is a rare photo of him with it.  Jerry Smith (at the left below; far right in the bottom) always seems to lean a bit toward the unorthodox, so in his hands, the equally rare Raptor/Hallux combo seems…ordinary.  The uniqueness of their two tools is more evident in the team photo at the bottom.  Thanks to Tim, Jerry, and the rest of the crew for getting Hawks to so many of their jobs.

MW Jerry & Tim R1
Firefighters Jerry Smith and Tim Brozoskie of BCFD Rescue 1– Jerry’s tool is a 5′ Raptor/Hallux combination; Tim’s an equally unusual Hawk/Halligan Claw combination. Photo By Stanley Jaworski– part of an album posted on Flickr.

GOOD SHOTS OF A GOOD TEAM.  All of the photos in this post are by well-known Atlantic Seaboard fire photographer Stanley Jaworski.   BCFD Rescue 1 pilot Tim “Brozo” Brozoskie posted the shot below on his Facebook page.  Its another of an ongoing string of good team photos of the lads from R1.  Stanley caught them at the completion of a working box (BCFD 1 Alarm Fire (Box 14-31) 33 S Carey St 7/17/17).  Rescue 1 is typically among the first crews to test Hawk prototypes and refinements– the photo below shows the details of the two unusual Hawks that rode along on this trip.

Rescue 1’s wagon forms a jazzy, glow-in-the-dark background for this 14 Box post-mortem.  Jerry Smith (at the right– the inspiration for the Smithit) has a Halligan and a Hawk “Roofman,” with one of the first prototypes of the “Hallux” pry end, which is now a regular option.  Tim Brozoskie, at the other end, often carries this prototype of the Hawk “Claw” tool, which will be a regular part of the line-up starting in August 2018. Photographer Stanley “Jaws” Jaworki works for DC Fire and EMS– see more of his stuff on Facebook.
MW R1 Group Dec.15.jpg
For comparison purposes, another shot of the R1 troops from Stanley Jaworski’s Facebook pictures.  This one shows a couple of the more common Hawk/Raptor “Versa-Tool” configurations.  The Rescue Squaddies never seem to show up empty-handed.

As busy as they are, and with a variety of Hawk tools on board, it would be pretty easy to devote these Hawk-spotting posts exclusively to BCFD’ Rescue 1.  No fair– we’ll try to resist the temptation.  But, be sure to do some periodic spotting of your own on the BCFD Rescue 1 Facebook page (and, of course, Stanley’s for rich coverage of the upper Eastern Seaboard fire scene.

Thai FFs Find Fire! (CloseUp)
Good friends Noah & Jade left some Hawk shirts in Thailand this summer.

“BIRD” WATCHING is a place where we’ll be calling attention to a few sightings of Malven Hawk Tools in the media.  If you photograph a Hawk Tool in action on one of your jobs, we’d appreciate your sending us one–  Include your contact information– if we use yours, we’ll send you one of our FIND FIRE! T-shirts (good for painting, changing oil in your Jeep, or giving away to fire stations you visit– very useful).

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