The Hawk Head– Prying

USING THE “ADZE” TO PRY TIGHT-FITTING HARDWARE. Although the Hawk head was originally developed as a “hook”– primarily a pulling tool– it also incorporates a versatile prying element.  Its thin, sharp rear-facing surface fits into the more awkward kinds of tight spaces presented by architectural fittings, such as metal grilles, cover panels, mounting brackets, etc. Use it to dislodge surface mounted hinges, hasps and other door hardware. It is also useful for dealing with metal floor hardware, such as extruded aluminum thresholds, edging, floor drain inserts, etc.  Strike the adze’s flat back surface with an axe or Halligan to drive its chisel edge behind virtually any tight-fitting, small to medium size component.

Check the following for a concise printable summary:

Hawk Prying– Tight Hardware & Trim

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