Philly Units Battle the Heat Inside & Out

THIS WAS NO SUMMER VACATION.  While some of us were trying to find a cool, shaded spot to spend the week-end, Philadelphia Firefighters spent their Sunday afternoon battling hoarding conditions in a front bedroom fire and a heat index of 106 outside.  Given the crazy heat, it was obviously no walk-in-the-park.  Among the participants was Squad 72 that came in on the SOC assignment, parking next to the 2nd Alarmers.  As can be seen, both crews were well-armed. The Squaddies kept a Halligan, a maul and a couple of medium hooks handy.  The 2nd Alarmers fought the heat with a generous inventory of bottled water, energy drinks and cold towels (which, before the day was over were probably among everyone’s tools of choice).

All photos from the Philadelphia Second Alarm Association’s Facebook site.

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